Wendy works with all levels of writers (from beginners to Emmy nominated creators) to hone their scripts, pitches, screenplays, web series, graphic novels and more. Her students and clients have sold shows to Netflix, Amazon, Disney, FOX, ABC, CBS, the CW, IFC, Yahoo!, and more.

3 ways to work with Wendy

Private Coaching
A client described my services as “the writing partner you want without the second ego.” I work with you to hone your script, pitch, etc. CLICK for more details.

Group Classes
Small groups (3 or 4 writers max.) meet weekly for 6 weeks to get their scripts to the next level: from idea to outline, first draft to second draft, etc. CLICK to apply.

$30 for 30 Mins
Get 30 minutes of my time for $30. I’ll read and note a script, or we’ll brainstorm a writing problem, your call. I started this during the dark days of the pandemic and I’ll continue it until we’re all back on our feet. CONTACT Wendy to apply.

Here are some testimonials from past clients.