“I came to Wendy with an idea, I left with a rock solid pitch I could confidently take into any meeting. I would recommend Wendy’s class to anyone looking to get their project in incredible shape and ready for professional meetings. She’s amazing!!”
Jessica Runck – writer CBS’ Man With a Plan

“As a working producer in Hollywood, I have been using Wendy to sharpen and improve my television and film scripts for the last ten years. Because she is a writer as well, Wendy has brought solutions to many areas I was stuck in, or found to be lacking. She has also helped edit and organize numerous network pitches for me, which I have sold to ABC, FOX, TBS and Comedy Central to name just a few. Wendy’s ability to see the big picture, but also focus your ideas, are a gift to any writer who wants to make their project stand out. She just makes it better—it’s that simple.”  Boyd Hale – Writer/Producer

“I had a one-hour drama idea and didn’t know where to exactly start with it. Then the universe dropped Wendy Hopkins into my life! I took a private class where there were only 4 people on how to pitch a pilot. Not only did Wendy teach us how to get our series ideas into shape but detailed instruction on how to pitch. Wendy is an amazing writer and by far the best writing instructor I’ve ever had. Her deep understanding of the craft of story along with a fun teaching style made her classes a total pleasure.”  Carrie Wilksen – TV Producer

Wendy Hopkins is one of the smartest, funniest, and most creatively insightful people I’ve ever worked with. I’ve hired her to consult on my book, both of my web series, numerous television pitches and several scripts. Bottom line, I don’t let a project leave my hands without having Wendy lay her eyes on it. And with her help I’ve sold projects to the CW, CBS, the Oxygen Network, the NYTimes, Parents Magazine, Yahoo!, the list goes on. If you get the chance to work with Wendy, do it. You will not regret it.  Johanna Stein, Writer, Dreamworks Showrunner – Emmy Nominated

I started Wendy’s class with an idea and left with a pitch and a clear structure for what the TV pilot and series would be. So much so that we wrote the pilot in less than a month. And, using the pitch from class, we’ve successfully pitched it to several production companies who are reading the script now- so you know what you’re being taught works!” Marieve Herington – writer/actress

“I had a pilot script selected by the Austin Film Festival as a semi- finalist in their scripts competition! Thank you, Wendy Hopkins whose Second City class really helped me refine the ideas in writing this pilot!” Erik Sternberger – writer

“Wendy is hands-down the most hands on and receptive writing teacher I have ever had the privilege of working with. Through the years I have set aside many scripts or novels, unable to break past writing blocks that hindered any attempt at completion. Wendy has been able to help me shatter them and move further into the story than I ever could have hoped. When I found myself overwhelmed with technical information pertinent to the plots of my stories, she was able to help me break them down into easily managed bits of information and use those answers to help create rich worlds and characters, based off the relationships I was trying to create. I would recommend Wendy’s skill, talent, kindness and approach to writing, to anyone.” Justice Blaine Wainwright – stand up/podcast host

Not only does Wendy have an incredible ear, and a literary detective’s ability to isolate problems and recommend solutions, but she is one of the few people in the world who can deliver news about drastic rewrites and leave you smiling and excited about diving into it. As a writer, Wendy understands the writer’s personality – and while you don’t want your trusted readers to be “nice” (you want him or her to be brutally honest and approach your material like an assassin) Wendy knows how to handle writers, and has helped me kill many of my “darlings” (she was right every time, btw) with precision, clarity, and kindness.”  Johanna Stein, Writer, Viral web series, Mom-head